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Apply For Malaysia eVisa Online

Malaysia eVISA available for Tourist, Students, Expatriate and Medical Travelers.

Explore Malaysia with eVisa Malaysia. Through this electronic visa system; a visa applicant can apply for a Malaysia visa quickly, easily, and securely. Moreover, these Malaysia online visas are hassle-free to obtain with 6 months validity and travelers can stay up to 30 days for each entry.
In the case of the Expatriates and Medical category, eVisa remains valid for 3 months.
More specifically, to apply for an eVisa to enter Malaysia, you can use this Malaysia online application platform at your convenience without going to the embassy. Besides, eVisa holders can utilize this Malaysia online visa for tourism, expatriate status, education, or medical treatment.

Recent Updates for Malaysia eVisa Applicants

From 01st May 2024 International tourists, and students now have their eVisa with 6 months validity as this was only for 3 months validity before. This update of Malaysia eVisa makes the visa more convenient for eVisa applicants.

For each entry, travelers are allowed to stay for up to 30 days, starting on the day of arrival in Malaysia.

Travelers from P.R. China and India who are visiting Malaysia for tourism (Single Entry Visa) are exempt from needing a visa and can remain for up to 30 days (beginning on December 1, 2023, and ending on December 31, 2024).

Malaysia eVisa Updates
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Things Need to Know about Malaysia eVisa

An eVisa Malaysia is an official document, an alternative form of visa that enables foreign nationals who are eligible to enter and travel within Malaysia for a certain period with this online visa. Malaysia eVisa online application has been started since March 2016.

The main objective of this process is that there is no need to visit the Malaysian embassy in person or consulate to finish the application rather procedures are done online wholly, unlike a conventional visa.

For entry into Malaysia, visitors have the option of obtaining a single-entry visa or multiple-entry visa.

eVisa Single Entry Visa (SEV) is valid for 06 months from the date of issuance and a 30-day stay is permitted with no extensions allowed.

The eVISA Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) is valid for 06 months (depending on the purpose of your visit). MEV holders may use this eVisa to enter and exit Malaysia multiple times. For each entry, visa holders can stay up to 30 days with no extensions allowed.

eVisa holders are strictly forbidden to work while roaming Malaysia.

Notice: Starting on January 20, 2023, applicants can now apply for Multiple Entry Visas (MEV) facilities.

Who can Apply for the Malaysia eVisa

Malaysia eVISA is available for Tourists, Students, Expatriates, And Medical Travelers.

If you intend to explore Malaysia as a foreign citizen, you need a Malaysia visa. Officials of the Foreign Affairs of Malaysia bring an electronic visa system which is known eVisa Malaysia.

It’s simple and straightforward to obtain the Malaysia eVisa with just a few procedures which can be completed online.

Eligible nationality for eVisa Malaysia for Student / Expatriate / Medical:

Citizens of eligible countries who are hoping to travel to Malaysia for study, job, or medical reasons can apply for an eVisa Malaysia. However, it is important to consider that specific requirements and eligibility may differ based on the purpose of the visit and the applicant's country.

What Documents Are Needed to Apply For eVISA Malaysia?

To process your Malaysia visa speedily, you must have a Passport with at least 6 months of validity. Besides, you are required to scan and upload the following documents to attach to your application when applying for a Malaysia eVisa:

  • A latest passport-sized photo as required by the recommendations on the official site for applying for an eVISA.
  • The passport information page appears in the Sample on the eVISA website.
  • Bank Statement- for the latest 3 months (if applicable)
  • A return ticket that is authentic and valid. (optional)
  • Copies of applicants' birth certificates who are minor.
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the country from where you are applying for eVisa Malaysia.
  • Letter of Invitation from a local entity (applicable for those who apply for a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV))
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How to apply for Malaysia eVisa

How to Apply for Malaysia eVisa

Applying for Malaysia eVisa, we made it easy for you by filling in just some basic information. You can apply for eVisa as a single visitor or family/group visitor.

The following three simple steps let you know how to apply for Malaysia eVisa:

  • First of all, you must provide information about your nationality, the number of visitors, travel plans, and contact information (including email and phone number) on the evisa application form.
  • In the next step, the applicant must give each visitor's passport information individually.
  • The final step is to select the type of service that best befits your needs and ensure that you have made the necessary payments.

Then, you will receive a confirmation email after completing all the above steps, along with your application reference number (track visa status) and payment invoice.

What are the procedures for Malaysian eVisa Approval?

To obtain eVisa Malaysia right away, simply follow the three easy steps below:

Malaysia online visa
Easy Application Form
Applying online for your Malaysian visa is fast, easy, and simple with our assistance. It's not required to register or log in.
Malaysia tourist visa fees
Secure Visa Payment
The highest level of security was considered. You can pay in complete confidence. Convenient Visa Payment.
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Visa Confirmation
Once the visa has been approved, we will email it to you in PDF format and make a download link available on the website. There is no need to register.

24/7, our personnel are available to assist you. Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions about Malaysian visas or how to apply for an eVisa Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Applying Online

How to track a Malaysia visa after Applying Online?

Have you applied for a Malaysia eVisa with us?

Simply enter your Unique Application Reference number,(For example…. KV00000000MY) in the search box provided to you when you applied for an eVisa via this website.

You won't be able to check the status of your eVisa Malaysia using this link if you've misplaced the Reference number.


What Documents Are Needed at Entry Checkpoints into Malaysia?

The eVisa Malaysia holders are permitted to enter Malaysia across any entry point.

In regard, visitors must present a printed A4 copy of their approved eVisa along with their passport, evidence of sufficient funds, return flight ticket, and lodging documentation, upon arrival.

The same passport must be used for both the online application and the trip to Malaysia.

The Malaysia eVisa is a short-term, single-entry, multiple-entry visa. Foreign citizens should always check with their nearest Malaysian Mission to confirm the type of visa needed for extended stays. Additionally, we are happy to assist you with any Malaysia visa-related issues.