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Malaysia eVisa Service Terms and Conditions

About this Website

There are disclaimers throughout our website stating that Key Malaysia (this website) is an independent entity.


Key Malaysia has actually passed strenuous history verification that ensures the validity and general legitimacy of our business.

Intellectual Property Rights

Key Malaysia holds all copyrights for material, design, layout, data, trademarks, graphics, and company logos on keymalaysia.com, protected by US and international regulations. The company is committed to preserving its rights, customers, intellectual property, employees, customers, and members, and will take legal action if necessary.

Limitation of Liability

Key Malaysia is not liable for any loss or significant damage resulting from the use or failure to use the materials on their website or the efficiency of their products, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such loss.

Personal Use Limitation

Key Malaysia's news, emails, articles, information, products, and services are for personal and non-commercial use. Users are prohibited from redistributing, copying, sharing, reshaping, distributing, creating derivative jobs, licensing, or selling any content, service, or product obtained from Key Malaysia without written consent.

Typographical Errors in Payment

Key Malaysia reserves the right to refuse or revoke any order if its products and services are incorrectly listed at the wrong price, regardless of whether the order has been verified and your credit card has been billed. If your credit card has been billed, a full refund will be issued for the incorrect cost.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The refund percentages are based on the shelf rates mentioned, not the amount paid. They only apply if the complete shelf rates of the products are paid without any balance. Applicants are not eligible for refunds if they don't pay the mentioned shelf rate.

If Malaysia Immigration Policy changes after application submission, and the client's profile isn't eligible, they can transfer to other opportunities at no extra cost or receive a 100% refund.

Key Malaysia has a zero-tolerance policy for chargebacks, requiring applicants who dispute payments after receiving or processing services to be blacklisted and disqualified from using our services.

The company is not responsible for the delay caused by any limitation or restriction from Malaysia Immigration.

The applicant acknowledges that their visa approval under the Malaysia Immigration Process is subject to the decision of the relevant authorities, and Key Malaysia has no control over it.

Key Malaysia is not liable for refunds of any fees or payments that have been paid to any other body, like assessing bodies, immigration authorities, embassies, consulates, high commissions, local bodies, etc.

The applicant agrees to provide sufficient funds for their visit to Malaysia, and Key Malaysia will not be liable for any refund of service charges if they fail to meet the immigration requirements required by the authorities.

In the event that the visa is rejected on the following grounds, no refund will be made:

  • If the applicant fails to attend the visa interview (if required), It will be at the applicant's own cost.
  • If the applicant fails to provide the extra requirements, which were advised by the Visa Authority to be submitted at a later stage,
  • If the applicant gives the wrong information,
  • If the applicant submits fraudulent records.

Key Malaysia has the right to terminate its services without refund of the service fee if the applicant:

  • If the applicant fails, provide all documents within the specified time from the date of his or her application, which is normally within 1 month.
  • Tries to threaten the name of Key Malaysia in whatever manner, which tampers with the business or reputation of Key Malaysia.
  • If the applicant doesn't answer the mail and calls made by Key Malaysia for more than a month,
  • Backs out due to personal issues.

Key Malaysia's acceptable terms and conditions for refund requests take 4-5 working days to process, and refund payments will be issued in the same manner as Key Malaysia received the fees.

Key Malaysia is committed to protecting personal details gathered under the Privacy Act from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access. The company may use and disclose applicant information for the primary purpose, anticipated secondary purposes related to the primary purpose, and other authorized conditions. Key Malaysia will disclose applicant information for the following reasons:

  • To conduct our business,
  • To provide and market our services,
  • If the applicant doesn't answer the mail and calls made by Key Malaysia for more than a month,
  • To communicate with the client,
  • To comply with our legal obligations,
  • To help us manage and improve our services.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

Key Malaysia reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions at any time, and by purchasing any product on its website, you agree to these terms and conditions, and not to dispute them in any circumstance.

Immigration Affirmation

The applicant acknowledges their obligation to follow the terms and conditions, and Key Malaysia reserves the right to terminate services if the information provided is deemed untrue or incomplete. The applicants agree to read and understand the terms and conditions and follow them.

  • Key Malaysia agrees to render the following services to the above-mentioned applicants:
  • Key Malaysia will certainly help the applicants to know the processing time, funds, and procedures for filing the application.
  • Key Malaysia will offer an existing checklist of the documents that are to be sent while filing the application.
  • Key Malaysia will certainly help the applicant fill out all the application forms properly.
  • Normal updates on the applicant's application status will be provided by the concerned person by email.

Key Malaysia does not accept original documents as they are not required for the process. Instead, scanned or photocopied copies of the actual documents are required, and any attempt to return these documents is not possible.

Key Malaysia does not guarantee any kind of job to the applicant.

Key Malaysia and its staff are not responsible for any documents or information tampered with by the applicant, which may be deemed unreal, false, or fabricated by any authority, and the applicant is solely responsible for the resulting costs and effects.

The applicant confirms that all records and information provided during the visa application are accurate and that Key Malaysia did not produce any files. If the candidate is rejected due to any document created, they accept the consequences without any involvement from the company.

Key Malaysia is not liable for any sort of travel or lodging arrangements.

The concerned Visa Authority keeps altering the procedures for accepting applications, and Key Malaysia has no command of the same. These should include:

  • Asking the candidate to come for a personal meeting,
  • Asking the candidate to get some extra documents or get them proven,
  • Raising charges: in these cases, the candidate agrees to take on the responsibility of satisfying the very same.

Please send an email to visa@keymalaysia.com to reach out to customer service at keymalaysia.com with questions regarding the Terms and Conditions.