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5 Facts About Why Medical Tourism Is Best in Malaysia

Malaysia Medical Tourism

Malaysia is listed among the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world by Patients Beyond Borders. This recognition is because Malaysia offers excellent healthcare facilities, quality treatment, and highly trained medical professionals at an affordable cost.

Additionally, Malaysia, unlike Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea, has promoted the medical tourism industry.

To facilitate healthcare travel in Malaysia, Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MoH) founded the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) in 2005.

“Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)” is an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, to promote and facilitate the growth of the healthcare travel industry of Malaysia under the brand name, “Malaysia Healthcare”. It works with both public and private hospitals.

The MHTC is focused on providing the finest possible healthcare travel experience by highlighting the country's dual legacy of warm hospitality and top-notch medical treatment.

In 2019, approximately 1.22 million people visited Malaysia for medical and healthcare purposes, a nearly double increase since 2011. The success of the medical sector in Malaysia can be attributed to factors such as quality, accessibility, affordability, communication, and hospitality.

The key feature is that most Malaysians are bilingual, with English being widely spoken throughout the country. This trait allows for easy communication between patients, doctors, and support staff.

Facts About Why Medical Tourism Is Best in Malaysia

Malaysia offers easy access to healthcare, with 260 private hospitals and specialists. So, healthcare travelers need not worry about a long waiting list. Besides, healthcare services are affordable and regulated to ensure fair fees for both local and international patients.

Innovative Medical Research

Malaysia always stays up-to-date with the latest medical technology advancements, which contributes to its popularity as a destination for medical visitors. The National Heart Institute's (IJN) successful installation of the Micra AV pacemaker, which cures irregular heartbeats, is a prime example of medical research.

This surgical operation would be performed for the first time outside of the United States at IJN. Due to its tiny size, the pacemaker may be implanted easily and quickly with minimally open surgery, resulting in considerably fewer long-term issues. Additionally, it can be done without requiring major open surgery.

Malaysia is leading the way in combining traditional and contemporary medicine research into the healthcare sector. The Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Act 2016, which establishes laws, regulations, and recommendations on T&CM, ensures licensed and trained practitioners, delivering high-quality treatment, and increasing its impact among patients seeking safe, harmless medical treatments.

High Standard of Treatment

High-end facilities and services are offered while waiting for the findings, and same-day results for various examinations and health screenings are also a priority in Malaysian healthcare.

This provides enough comfort for medical visitors to wait and provides them with activities to pass the time. To learn what will happen to their healthcare plan going forward, they can even go to visit some of the local sites and come back in time.

Malaysia is advancing its medical sector by staying updated with medical advancements, enabling new surgical procedures like the Micra AV pacemaker.

The first daycare complete knee replacement in the nation was performed by Subang Jaya Medical Centre in 2021, thanks to over 20 years of improvements and modifications. Malaysia's performance history shows its commitment to advancing the medical sector.

Hospitals with International Recognition

Malaysia's hospitals and healthcare facilities have obtained accreditation from foreign authorities, including the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) International Code of Practice for safe reproductive treatments and the Joint Commission International, a non-profit organization that promotes strict healthcare standards and enhances performance and outcomes.

Recognized hospitals prioritize high-quality service delivery and maintain excellent standards, focusing on superior healthcare results without compromising care quality.

They emphasize responsibility and strive to provide the best possible care, demonstrating the value of maintaining a hospital's reputation and fostering responsible facilities.

Malaysian hospitals have won international recognition and major prizes, contributing to the nation's goal of becoming a well-known medical hub. This achievement is achieved through international accreditation and high-quality medical services.

Notable awards include "2019 Medical Tourism Hospital of the Year in the Asia Pacific" for Sunway Medical Center, "2019 Hospital of the Year Malaysia" for Prince Court Medical Center and Subang Jaya Medical Center, and "2019 Cardiology Service Provider of the Year" for IJN.


Malaysia is becoming a more cost-effective country for medical treatment, particularly for Western medical tourists, as it offers treatment in local currency for thousands of dollars less than their home country.

International visitors find this to be quite appealing since it allows them to get top-notch medical care without going over budget. Certain operations, including cosmetic surgery, may cost only half as much as they would in the Western world.

Moreover, patients can save money for a country trip and affordable medical operations by partnering with hospitals and hotels to offer customized stay packages that are post-treatment friendly, featuring exceptional service, accessibility, and amenities for both facilities.

Excellent Tourist Destination

Malaysia is a popular vacation destination for medical tourists due to its diverse attractions and affordable healthcare. The country offers sandy beaches, stunning hilltop views, imposing cave formations, and historical city walks. Medical tourism packages offer accommodations at top hotels near hospitals and popular tourist destinations.

Visitors can enjoy shopping, street food exploration, beach picnics, and scenic views at affordable prices. This makes Malaysia an attractive destination for international visitors seeking a diverse and affordable vacation experience.

This combination of quality healthcare and attractive vacation options makes Malaysia a top choice for medical tourists looking for both medical treatment and a memorable holiday.

The aforementioned features make Malaysia a great option for healthcare travelers from all over the world.