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Malaysia My Second Home

Malaysia MM2H Program

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a program that allows foreigners to live in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass, valid for 10 years initially and renewable every 10 years, subject to immigration conditions.

The MM2H Program is ideal for long-term residents of Malaysia who don't need short-term visa renewals. Participants can stay in Malaysia 365 days a year without leaving the country and can exit and enter multiple times.

The Malaysian government provides numerous incentives to enhance the appeal of MM2H, highlighting Malaysia's unique natural and cultural features and modern facilities, making it an ideal location for a quality lifestyle.

The MM2H program allows participants to travel multiple times to other countries, with no minimum stay requirement and freedom of entry and exit.

Buying a Home

Foreigners can buy residential properties in Malaysia as long as they follow state-set rules and minimum rates. The Malaysian government doesn't interfere in certain state matters, including land purchases.

It's advisable to check state laws and minimum purchase prices before making a decision, as there's no standardized price set between states.

Health Care

Malaysia has world-class medical facilities with internationally trained, well-qualified medical professionals available around the state. So, you don’t need to worry about health services, as compulsory medical insurance will cover part of your medical needs.

In addition to the excellent medical facilities and professionals, Malaysia also offers a wide range of medical treatments and procedures at competitive prices. This makes it an attractive destination for medical tourism, attracting patients from all over the world.


In both the public and private sectors, Malaysia has a reputation for providing excellent and world-class modern education to its people. MM2H holders' children can study in public or private schools in Malaysia under a study permit up to the age of 18.

This study permit allows MM2H holders' children to access a wide range of educational opportunities, including internationally recognized curricula and highly qualified teachers. Furthermore, Malaysia's education system emphasizes holistic development, fosters critical thinking skills, and promotes cultural diversity among students.


Participants in this program don’t have to pay any kind of tax on their foreign-sourced income or pension, given that those incomes are remitted to Malaysia. The Malaysian Government made this decision and has made it effective since 2004 to ease the tax-paying concerns of the MM2H participants. Participants only have to pay tax on the income they earn in Malaysia.


The government of Malaysia made it easy for MM2H participants to invest in and actively participate in business in Malaysia. The government has already made specific rules, policies, guidelines, and regulations for MM2H participants on what kinds of sectors MM2H holders can invest in.

Live in Maid

MM2H participants are permitted to apply for one foreign maid. It must be remembered that in Malaysia, there are precise rules and regulations for foreign maids. So applicants must follow the rules and guidelines set by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

20 hours per week. Special Work Permit for Main Applicant (Age 50 & above) If the main holder’s age is above 50, then he or she is permitted to apply for the special work permit. There are clear guidelines for which sectors an MM2H holder can work in, so be sure to check the guidelines set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia before applying for a special work permit.

Government Support in Malaysia for Foreigners

Malaysia, a former British colony, gained independence in 1957. Its diverse landscape, people, religion, and culture showcase its rich history. From Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers to tropical beaches, mountains, tea plantations, and dense rainforests, Malaysia offers unique opportunities for foreigners. The country's modern facilities and diverse wildlife make it a comfortable and peaceful place to live, offering a blend of modernity and traditional aesthetics.

The Malaysian government is dedicated to enhancing the MM2H program for foreigners, allowing them to own multiple residential properties without paying remitted taxes. This eliminates concerns about inheritance tax and property capital gain tax, as there are no taxes applied to foreigners in this regard. The government is committed to continuously improving the program for its success.

The Malaysian Government launched the MM2H Program to provide quality living for foreigners. The program's success is attributed to its stable political environment, economic growth, infrastructure, convenient transportation, and moderate climate.

Malaysia's diverse racial, cultural, religious, and lingual population makes it an ideal country to live. Living expenses are relatively cheap compared to other developed countries, allowing foreigners to enjoy modern facilities without breaking the bank. This program is one of the best of its kind.