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Malaysia Single Entry and Multiple Entries Visa Requirements

eVisa – Malaysia Online Visa

The Malaysia eVisa or online application platform, offers a simple and efficient process, allowing applicants to submit their passport information, documents, and payments online. Additionally, eVisa holders can enjoy the convenience of single and multiple entries into Malaysia within the validity period of their visa.

The Immigration Department of Malaysia offers two types of eVisa

Single Entry Visa (SEV)

An eVISA for Single Entry Visa (SEV) is only valid for a single trip to Malaysia within six (6) months of its issue for international tourists, and students.

Expatriates and Medical visitors get their Single Entry eVisa with 3 months validity, with the condition that their passport remains valid.

Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)

The validity of the eVISA Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) is 6 months. MEV holders are allowed to enter and exit Malaysia on many occasions with this eVisa. Visa holders are only permitted to stay for 30 days per entrance; extensions are not permitted.

Required Documents for Single and Multiple Entries in eVisa Malaysia

Applicants must present the following documents to immigration officials at the point of entry and exit points:

  • A latest passport-sized photo as required by the recommendations on the official site for applying for an eVISA.
  • The passport information page appears in the Sample on the eVISA website.
  • Bank Statement- for the latest 3 months (if applicable)
  • A return ticket that is authentic and valid. (optional)
  • Copies of applicants' birth certificates who are minor.
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the country from where you are applying for eVisa Malaysia.
  • Letter of Invitation from a local entity (applicable for those who apply for a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV))

Note: Applicants must receive an email notification regarding the eVISA approval result, when the approval decision of eVISA has been made. Approval result may include the following status:

  • Approved - The eVISA application has been approved
  • Rejected - The eVISA application has been declined
  • Request for Document - Applicants are required to upload/re-upload supporting documents as specified by the Malaysia Embassy/Consulate
  • *Applicants under the age of 12 must upload their birth certificate.
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