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Malaysia eVisa Verification

Verify the Malaysian eVisa's Authenticity and Validity

The Malaysian government has implemented an online verification system where travelers can easily check the authenticity of Malaysia eVisa. By entering their visa details on the official government website, travelers can quickly verify the validity of their visa and ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

The easiest way to verify the authenticity of your Malaysian online visa or eVisa application is to confirm that it was filed via a trustworthy source.

To ensure that your Malaysian electronic visa application is handled correctly, our website “keymalaysia.com” has set up all the security, privacy, and authenticity protocols that are required.

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How to check the Validity of a Malaysian Online Visa

The full name and passport number of the applicant are digitally linked with an authentic Malaysian eVisa.

The following characteristics can be found in a real Malaysian electronic visa document:

  • In the upper left corner, beside Malaysia's coat of arms, are the words "Electronic Visa and eVISA Government of Malaysia."
  • The top-right area of the paper contains the eVISA MALAYSIA logo.
  • On the document's upper left corner is an Electronic Code.
  • The Malaysian eVisa recipient's full-color passport photo appears on the right, along with their clearly readable passport number.
  • The eVISA number should be written clearly below the scannable bar code that appears to the right of the photo.
  • “MALAYSIA IMMIGRATION. [Section 2(1), Passport Act 1966]. SINGLE ENTRY VISA. Good for a single journey to Malaysia within 3 months from the date hereof, provided that this passport remains valid.” This is accompanied by the logo of the Department of Immigration of Malaysia to the left of the text, in full color.

This streamlined process reduces the possibility of fraud or fake visas, improving the entire efficiency of the visa application procedure.