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India to Malaysia

eNTRI Terms & Conditions for India

Application opportunities:

eVISA is available for Indian National, Indian student and Indian Expatriate who are interested in traveling to Malaysia for Tourism, study and employment purposes.

eNTRI which allows opportunities to All Indian Nationals in India and expatriates residing all over the world (except Singapore) for a single journey into Malaysia. Indian student are not allowed to apply for eNTRI.

eVisa and eNTRI Cost:

eNTRI is cost effusive compared to eVisa for Indian nationals.

eVisa and eNTRI Restriction:

Once you got eNTRI note then within 3 months you can't renew (new eNTRI) again for eNTRI Note where eVisa don't have any restriction to renew (new eVisa). as your wish you can renew (new eVisa) your visa as much as you wants.

Allowed stayed time:

eNTRI Note allowed Indian nationals to stay in Malaysia up to 15 days whereas eVisa allowed applicant to stay up to 30 days with multiple entries.