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Malaysia conducted a worldwide promotional campaign for enhancing tourism named "Malaysia, Truly Asia" in 1999, and it was largely fruitful, attracting over 7.4 million tourists. Moreover, the Malaysian government made it easier to get a Malaysian tourist eVisa.

To ease the Malaysia visa application procedure for foreign tourists, the Malaysian government came up with the Malaysia online visa, also known as an Electronic visa or eVisa Malaysia.

The eVisa Malaysia allows international travelers to apply for their visas online, eliminating the need to visit a Malaysian embassy or consulate in person. This has made the eVisa process more convenient and efficient for tourists who wish to spend their vacation in Malaysia.

An eVisa is compulsory for 34 nationalities who need a single journey to Malaysia for the purpose of a tour, subject to the eligibility of nationality.

Who can apply for Malaysia Tourist eVisa?

Citizens of following nationalities are eligibil to apply for tourist eVisa:

An eVisa for tourists is valid for a country that needs a visa for single or multiple journeys to Malaysia for the purpose of a social visit subject to the eligibility of nationality.

eVisa Single Entry Visa (SEV) is valid for 06 months from the date of issuance and a 30-day stay is permitted with no extensions allowed.

The eVisa Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) is valid for 6 months (depending on the purpose of your visit). For each entry, visa holders can stay up to 30 days with no extensions allowed.

Why eVisa Malaysia for Tourists

The Malaysia eVisa application process can be completed online and usually takes 48-72 hours for approval.

This eVisa system saves a lot of time and effort for the applicants, as they no longer have to stand in long queues or go through complex payment processes instead of using their credit cards.

Moreover, the eVisa system allows for a more efficient and streamlined visa application process, reducing the likelihood of errors or delays in processing.

Lastly, the key advantage of eVisa Malaysia for Tourists over a traditional Visa is that it is much easier to obtain.

Malaysia eVisa Requirements for International Tourists

Tourists for Malaysia visas are required to scan and upload the following documents:

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months;
  • A recent passport-sized photograph (pure white background);
  • The passport biodata page appears in the Sample on the eVisa website;
  • Bank Statement- for the latest 3 months (if applicable);
  • Confirmed returned flight ticket (optional);
  • Birth certificate for minor applicants;
  • Proof of accommodation; and
  • Other supporting documents (if applicable)
  • Letter of Invitation from a local entity (applicable for those who apply for a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)).

How to Apply for Malaysia eVisa as Foreign Tourist:

We've “” made it easier for tourists to apply for a Malaysia eVisa by just asking for a few key pieces of information.

The three simple steps below will explain How to Apply for A Malaysia eVisa as a Tourist:

  • You must first provide information about your nationality, the number of visitors, your travel plans, and your contact information (including email, and phone number).
  • The applicant must then provide each visitor's passport information individually in the following step.
  • The last step is to decide which kind of service best meets your needs and make sure you have made all the necessary payments.

You will receive a confirmation email after completing all of the aforementioned processes, along with your application reference number (which you may use to check the status of your eVisa Malaysia) and payment invoice.

Malaysia eVisa- Application Procedures for Tourists

Simply follow the three simple steps listed below to get an eVisa Malaysia for Foreign Tourists:


Tourists - How to Track eVISA Malaysia Status Online?

Have you applied for a Malaysia eVisa with us? You can check your eVisa Status just by using your reference number.

Simply enter your Unique Application Reference number, (for example…. KV00000001MY) in the search box provided to you when you applied for an eVisa via this website. also you are able to check status using the EVISA STATUS CHECK link.

You won't be able to check the status of your eVisa Malaysia using this link if you've misplaced the Reference number. Please send an email to for more information.

Upon Arrival, Documents Need to be Shown:

The following Documents are required to be present at a Malaysian airport Upon Arrival:

  • Valid Passport
  • Applicants’ eVisa printout
  • Confirmed returned flight ticket
  • Sufficient funds (Cash/Debit or Credit Cards with UnionPay logo/traveler’s Cheque).
  • Accommodation proof, or
  • Other supporting documents (if applicable).
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