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Malaysia eVisa Terms and Conditions


“Embassy/Consulate" refers to Malaysia's general consulate and/or embassy.

“MYVISA" refers to the entity assigned by the Malaysian government to offer and manage the eVISA system, IT infrastructure, and support services relating to the eVisa application to Malaysia in accordance with the working procedures developed by the Embassy/Consulates.

“Applicant(s)” refers to a person who applies for an eVisa at the Malaysian embassy or consulate after expressing interest in doing so.

“Immigration Officer” refers to officials of the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

“eVisa Fees” In accordance with the Passport and Visas Order of 1967, the term "eVisa Fee" refers to the fee that eVisa applicants must pay after submitting their required documents. VISA Malaysia will issue and collect it at the exact rate established by law and regulation.

“eVisa Processing Fee” refers to the processing fee charged by agencies based on the services for visa processing system. eVisa convenience fee is not included in the processing fee.

“eVisa Convenience Fee” refers to services other than basic services that provide convenience to applicants.

“Receipt” means to the document that confirms that an eVisa online application has been made and payment of all fees has been accepted.


an eVisa is necessary for 34 countries that require a single trip to Malaysia for the purpose of a tour.

-eVisa is an online application platform that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia at the comfort of your convenience”.

The Malaysian Government offers two types of eVisa:

  • Single Entry Visa (SEV)
  • Multiple Entry Visa (MEV)

eVISA Malaysia

An eVisa for Tourists is valid for a country that requires a visa for single or multiple journeys to Malaysia for social visits.

An eVisa for Students is valid for a single trip to Malaysia for study. Students must get a long-term pass upon arriving in Malaysia.

An eVisa for Expatriates is valid for a country that requires a visa for a single trip to Malaysia for professional employment. Ex-pats must receive their long-term pass upon arriving in Malaysia.

An eVisa for Foreign Workers is valid for a country that requires visas for a single trip to Malaysia for temporary work. Applicants have to get their long-term visa upon arriving in Malaysia.

An eVisa Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) is only valid for a single trip to Malaysia between 3 and 6 months (depending on your purpose of stay) from the date of issuance, providing the applicant's passport remains valid.

Applicants who apply for the Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) type are not guaranteed to be granted the Multiple Entry Visa (MEV). The application could be downgraded to a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) by immigration officials.

Afghanistan people obtaining an eVisa must apply under the Tourists with VAL category. Only Diplomatic and Official passports are eligible for an eVisa for the tourist category.

The Malaysian government will pursue criminal and administrative action against any applicant who violates Malaysian law.

Applicants are not permitted to accept unauthorized work, attend school, or represent a foreign information medium while in Malaysia.

Malaysia eVisa Documents

Each eVlsa application is assessed individually, and the Embassy or Consulate may at any moment request more information. The receipt of a visa application via the eVlsa system does not guarantee that the eVlsa will be granted. An eVisa application may be denied by the High Commission or Consulate for any cause. The applicant must confirm that they hold a valid Malaysia eVlsa before departing for Malaysia.

Any photos that applicants provide with their eVisa application—such as passport front pages, photos, tickets, proof of paid accommodation, or other supporting documents—must be clear and readable. Immigration officers at entry and departure points may refuse entry into Malaysia for any supporting document photo that is unreadable, blurry, or does not meet the required criteria.

Applicants must submit or re-upload supporting papers for High Commission or Consulate results. Processing time resets to two working days. The Embassy or Consulate can request the eVisa application multiple times until it is uploaded.

To get the interview results, applicants must ensure that they attend the interview session on the scheduled day and time provided by the High Commission, or Embassy.

If applicants fail to submit or re-upload the necessary papers or fail to confirm the interview session within 5 days of the scheduled date, their eVisa applications will be right away rejected.

eVISA grants no permission to enter Malaysia; acceptance is up to immigration officers at the entry point, and MYVISA is not liable for refusal to enter Malaysia or visa refusal.

The applicant stated that MYVISA plays no role in the assessment or selection of visas. Under the terms of applicable Malaysian laws and regulations, the Malaysian High Commission in the host country shall choose whether to issue an eVisa, what kind of eVisa to issue and how long it will be valid for as well as how many entries it can include.

MYVISA cannot be held liable for travel delays caused by applicants' errors regarding the deadline for submitting their eVisa applications or the results of the High Commission's or consulate's visa assessment.

MYVISA's inquiries are based on its interpretation of applicants' questions and limited knowledge, without any promises or legal duties for responses.

Applicants must verify eVisa information accuracy, and if inaccuracies lead to eVisa renewal, they must submit and pay for a new application.

Applicants agree that MYVISA is not liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential losses, damages, or loss of profits, opportunity, business, goodwill, or interruption arising from their application or eVisa application services.

All fees are non-refundable.


The Malaysian government can modify, revise, or withdraw terms and conditions without notice, and applicants can only decline services if dissatisfied with the changes.

Applicants hereby must confirm their understanding and agreement to the terms, conditions, and details provided before submitting their visa application, without any restrictions or qualifications.