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Living in Malaysia

Education and University


Malaysia is a great place for study. Malaysian healthy economy has opened up many industrial and agricultural opportunities and as a result Malaysian Education has expanded hugely and now Malaysia is one of the best places to study in a variety of fields in the world. Malaysian universities often ranked in the global ranking and offer students high-quality education,

Malaysia Education System

Malaysia has become a central hub for students who seek high quality education with international reputation. Malaysian Universities has very high reputation in various sectors of education and its often placed high in world university ranking. To maintain the high standard of education in Malaysia, Malaysian Government has taken numerous initiatives. Both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia are devoted to guaranteeing high academic standards across the country. The Ministry of Higher Education employs the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) to monitor and oversee the quality assurance practices so that both the quality and world recognition of Malaysian higher education remains intact.

Malaysia is an ideal place for international student for all levels of education as Malaysian educational system provides all the necessities an international students are looking for. Malaysia educational systems offers various programmes from long-term programme like Diplomas, Bachelor's, Master's and Postgraduate Degrees to short-term courses like English language courses, summer/motivation camps as well as home stays with the locals Malaysian educational system covers it all. There are also opportunities for international student In Malaysia to get foreign degree qualifications from universities in Australia, US, Canada, UK, France, etc. Foreign students can do so by twinning and 3+0 degrees and enrolling into foreign university that has campuses in Malaysia. This kind of programmes gives international students the opportunities to gain world-class education at a much lower rate. Students have the options to enroll into public and international schools.MM2H (Malaysia My second Home) Visa holders can easily take advantage of their stay and use the convenience to give world class education to their offspring that are available in Malaysia.

Opportunity in Petroleum Engineering

Major International Petrochemical players like British BP, oil giants like Shell and Esso have invested greatly in Malaysia’s oil and gas sectors. Malaysia has around 28.35 billion barrels of oil reserves and its gas reserves estimated to be around 1.2% of the world's natural gas reserves. The petroleum industry is one of the crucial sectors of the Malaysian economy and Malaysian Government has already implemented plan to increase production by 5% per year.

Malaysia Government wants Malaysia to become the number one hub for gas and oil across the entire Asia Pacific region. As a result of all these development, As anyone can guess from above discussion, Petroleum Engineers are highly valued in Malaysia and often enjoy high salaries. Nowadays, there are plenty of Malaysian Educational Institutions offers programmes in Petroleum Engineering at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. A wide range of universities in Malaysia offers a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), Masters in Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering.

Engineering (Mechanical)

In recent years manufacturing sectors in Malaysia is seeing a boom as much foreign investment is dedicated in manufacturing sectors. With all the investment in Mechanical sectors currently there is a heavy demand of Mechanical Engineer in Malaysia and the demand is only going to grow as the sector expected to expand rapidly in the near future. There is presently a scarcity of skilled engineers in Malaysia and Mechanical Engineers are intensely sought out for their resourcefulness and ability to work in a number of diverse projects.

Mechanical Engineering graduates in Malaysia are able to find employment in the nation's booming manufacturing sector, as well as in processing, design or research. There are also opportunities to work with Malaysian’s biggest industries to gain applied knowledge on automotive, power generation and manufacturing. University of Nottingham is one of the best places in Malaysia to study Mechanical Engineering as its Engineering department has world renowned reputation for its world class practical and theatrical educations. Monash University is another great option anyone looking to graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputable University.

Business Student

Business, Finance & Accounting

According to the World Bank, in 2018 Malaysia's economy will continue to grow at a pace of 5.2%. As one of the developed nations in the world with a wide range of financial services which includes various banking ( including Islamic banking) and financial center, Decidedly structured and well controlled investment firms, the financial sector in Malaysia offers a wide range of financial related jobs and it is also well equipped to face of the international economic crisis. It has been estimated that by the year 2020, the Malaysian financial sectors will add 275,400 new jobs.

There is a demand for graduates in accounting, sales and marketing, economics, fiancé, investment and international trade and the demand only going to grow in the near future. There is also high demand for MBA graduates. MBA programme in Malaysia University are regarded very highly all around the world and it’s not hard to see why as the University Malay’s Graduate School of Business was named the most popular business school in Asia in 2014. University of Putra Malaysia (UPM) and University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) positioned 4thand 11th place respectively in the same ranking. Malaysian Business School is highly evaluated in the world and is often placed high in world ranking. Malaysian Universities also offered programmes related to the Finance and Accounting that are competitive around the world.

Education Institutions

Malaysian Internationally recognized Educational system offers a varieties of educational programmes and institution which are not only cost-effective and lucrative but also highly valuable in the relative fields.

So, Choose the programme you want to study and rest assure that you are getting one of the best educations the world has to offer. Here are some of the Pre-University Programme is available in Malaysia: STPM, SAM, AUSMAT, NSW HSC, A-Levels, International Baccalaureate Canadian Matriculation.
Here is some of the Graduate and Post Graduate programme are available in Malaysia:

  • Accounting & Finance : Accounting, Banking, Finance, Auditing, Taxation
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery & Veterinary Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Veterinary Medicine, Animals/Wildlife Health & Diseases
  • Architecture & Building
  • Architecture, Town planning, Building
  • Arts & Design Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Music, Performing Arts
  • Audio-visual Techniques & Media Production Graphic Design, Animation, Illustrator, Radio, TV & Film Production, Multimedia
  • Business Management & Administration Business Management, Business Administration & operations
  • Computing & IT Information Technology, Networking, Software Engineering, IT Security, ICT, Database Communication & Broadcasting Journalism, Broadcasting, Communication
  • Education Teacher Training & Education Science, Special Education
  • Engineering & Engineering Trades
  • Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics, Chemical, Civil, Materials Engineering
  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Technology, Environmental Science, Natural Environment
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hospitality, Hotel Management, Catering, Tourism, Travel Guide
  • Humanities
  • Religion, Theology, History, Archeology, Philosophy, Ethics
  • Languages English, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Literature, Linguistics
  • Law Legal Studies, Syariah Law, CLP
  • Manufacturing & Processing Food Technology, Printing Technology, Furniture Technology, Textiles, Mining & Extraction
  • Marketing & Sales Telemarketing, Retail, Wholesale, Real Estate
  • Mathematics & Statistics Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics
  • Medical Diagnostic & Treatment Technology
  • Medical Lab Technology, Radiography, X-ray
  • Medicine & Healthcare Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Therapy & Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, Traditional Medicine, Optometry,
  • Biomedical Science Occupational Health & Hygiene Services Occupational Health & Safety
  • Personal Services Domestic Services, Beauty Services & Sports
  • Science Life Science/Physical Science/Applied Science Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomolecular Science Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics
  • Security Services Military & Defense, Protection of Persons and Property
  • Social Sciences Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography
  • Social Services Care of Elderly & Disabled Adults, Childcare, Youth Services, Social Work, Counseling.
  • Transport Services Road Vehicle Operation, Aviation, Ship, Maritime, Mall operation

Private Universities

Malaysia has lots of world class private universities that provide a wide range of courses. These private higher educational institutions are also known as PHEIs, offer diplomas, graduate, masters and even doctoral qualification that maintain international standard.

Private Colleges

Malaysia also has varieties of private colleges. These colleges offer many curriculums that ranges from Pre-university programmes, Internal or self-designed certificate and diploma credentials, external specialized and semi-professional examinations to foreign university degree programmes with partnership foreign university.

So, as you can see Private Universities and University Colleges in Malaysia offers their own curriculums both internal and external specialized programme and also offer foreign degree in collaboration with other foreign partner universities.

Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities

Private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) play an important in achieving Foreign University Degree and qualification that are identical to that of the foreign university. International student can fulfill their dream of obtaining Foreign University Degree and qualification with a fraction of cost while studying in Malaysia. The qualification to participate in these courses are straightforward, the applicants have to possess SPM / Senior Middle III / STPM / GCE O Levels / STPM / GCE A-Levels or other equal qualifications. International students also have the option to choose either full-time or part-time study or the distance learning mode. So there is a great deal of flexibility in these programmes.

PHEIs have their own requirement to see if the students are fit to their respective study programmes for example:

  • If you want to study diploma programmes you need to have educational qualification equivalent of SPM or GCE O Level with a minimum of 3 credits.
  • If you want to enter Year 1 of an undergraduate program the necessity educational requirement is STPM qualifications or its equivalent such as GCE A Levels, SAM, CPU and University Foundation Program.
  • As the study language of private colleges and universities is English, students are required to have proficiency in English language. International examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, GCE 1119 and MUET (Malaysia University English Test) score are accepted for the bachelor's degree programmes. Each college and universities have their own standard of which score is acceptable to their cirrocumulus. So check each colleges and universities before the application.

Public Universities

International students can also apply in Public universities in Malaysia but keep in mind that with the exception of post graduate studies all the applications are processed centrally. The governmental agency that does the processing is known as the The Division of Student Admission or Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (BPKP). The agency is under the supervision of The Department of Higher Education (JabatanPengajian Tinggi) of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Public universities have their standard requirement as well as exact conditions that must be met before one can expect to be accepted by the public universities. So, International student must satisfy the standard necessities and also precise conditions like subject requirement, interview and others set by the respective public universities before they can be accepted by the public universities. The following are general requirement for public universities studies–

  • For Diploma level study it is expected that applicants have SPM level qualification
  • For undergraduate studies STPM or equivalent qualifications such as Matriculation certificate of Ministry of Education, STAM and Diplomas are required.

Language Schools

English has been extensively spoken and used in Malaysia. Almosteachand every home in the city in Malaysia uses English. The English language is so widely spoken, popular and used in Malaysia for such a long time that it has become the second language of the country.

There are language centers in all major cities in Malaysia which offer English language courses that are designed to fulfill the individual needs of the people. Whether on a personal or professional basis these courses are there to mitigate to language barrier one has to overcome. There are languages classes for students who want to improve their English not only for academic purposes but also for career development. Theses classes are popular among both local and foreigners who lacks the necessary English language skill respective to their area of interest.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Test of English as a Foreign Language also known as TOEFL is one of the more internationally-accepted testing system for English language proficiency. The test is designed to examine one’s ability in various parts in English language which include the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing components. All colleges and universities in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada including Malaysia accept TOEFL score. The minimum requirement of TOEFL score required Malaysian Universities are generally between 173 and 250. So, it is highly advisable to all the students to take TOEFL exam as it opens a wide range of window of opportunities that will come in handy in near future for the students.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is another very popular internationally-recognized testing system for English language proficiency. British, Australian and Malaysian universities accepted IELTS scores and it is often pre-required to submit the score before the admission procedures begins. The language testing method is also gaining acceptance in United States as well. The language testing system is designed to asses one’s communicative capabilities in four sectors, they are - listening, reading, writing and speaking.

New Student in Malaysia

Entering Malaysia as a New Student

Many students don’t know what to do next or the right procedures after they are being accepted into Malaysian universities. They failed to understand the importance of applying their student visa well before the start of their course. That often leads to difficult situations that could be easily avoidable if only they follow the right route.

Travel to Malaysia

First make sure that you have got the Visa Approval Letter (VAL). The VAL is released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and later sent to the university you wish to study. The university then sends the VAL to you while you are in your country. Once you have received the VAL then you can take initiatives to travel to Malaysia for Student Pass.

Please bear in mind that VAL is not the Student Pass. VAL only allows you to enter Malaysia for the further processing of your Student Pass. The Visa Approval Letter (VAL) means that the Immigration department in Malaysia has granted approval for you to obtain a Student Pass.

So what’s next? It’s time to go to Malaysia to get your Student Pass.

Single Entry Visa (SEV)

Now you need to obtain a Single-Entry Visa (SEV) from the Malaysian Embassy located in your respective country in order to entry Malaysia. SEV type Visa allows foreign students to enter into Malaysia for one time.

Good news for those foreign students whose country allow them to entry Malaysia without any Visa. They are only required to show their VAL in order to entry into Malaysia. They don’t need to acquire the SEV as long as they have VAL with them.

Travel Tips

Before you travel to Malaysia make sure that the educational institution you want to study gave you details of arrival date and time, your port of entry (airport) and flight number. Don’t forget to check/double check the information as this info will make sure you have a smooth arrival in Malaysia. At the immigration check-point you should be greeted by a representative from the institution you want to study upon your arrival in Malaysia.

Upon Arrival

As soon as you arrive at the airport/entry point in Malaysia you will be asked to show your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) at the immigration check point. A special pass will be stamped in your passport. This special pass will give you the validity to stay in Malaysia legally while you obtain your student pass. The validity of this special pass allows you to stay up to 30 days and the Malaysian Immigration Department has the final authority over it.

Foreign Students must present following documents as proofs to the immigration officers at the immigration counter in order to entry into Malaysia :

  • Original passport
  • Visa Approval Letter
  • Original Offer letter from your education Institution in Malaysia

The education Institution you want to study should send a representative to receive you at the immigration check point. After finishing the immigration formalities the representative should take you your desired destination. In order to smooth arrival and stay in Malaysia make sure you have informed your institution of your arrival dates days before your arrival.

Please be note that, Foreign students who come from a country which is regarded to be at a high risk of yellow fever, you will be asked to get the needed immunizations before your arrival to Malaysia.

Medical Screening

All foreign students are required to get a medical screening in Malaysia within 7 days from the arrival date.

Student Visa

Malaysian government has taken necessary steps to make visa processing as easy as possible for student who are looking to study in Malaysia. Now a day’s students don’t need to go through Local Embassy of Malaysia in order to apply for Student Visa. Just follow the steps as it will guide the path you needed to obtain a Student Visa.

Step 1: Contact the institution directly you want to study

Currently you don’t need to apply for a student pass via the Immigration Department or the Local Embassy of Malaysia. You can directly contact the institution you want to study for a student pass. Just fulfill the requirement the institution wish you to do. After completing the necessary requirement your chosen educational institution will forward your application to the Director of Pass & Permit Division of Malaysia where they will decide what to do with your application. Please bear in mind that in order to get the Student Pass your passport must be valid for more than 1 year otherwise your application will not be granted.

Step 2: Wait for the confirmation of acceptance

Applicant students should be able to know their application status through the educational institution that one has chosen. Foreign students should be able to know their application status with 7 days irrespective of whether if one is accepted or not.

Step 3: Send the necessary documents

If you are accepted into the institution then your next step will be send the necessary visa documents that are required via mail. If the institution required you to send to a specific place you should also do that. Transactions will be made directly between you and the institution. After that the required processing work will be the institution’s responsibility.

Step 4: Institution will send you a letter confirming your student pass

Malaysian Immigration Department will release a letter of approval for your student pass and later it will be send to your desired educational institution. After that the institution will send the approval letter to you.

Step 5: Inform the institution

Never forget to inform the institution about your arrival date and time, airport location and flight number. The institution will use the information you send so that they can time their representative at the check point upon your arrival in Malaysia. The representative will greet you at the immigration gate and take you to the institution. After that your visa will be issued to you on your valid national passportvia an endorsement.

Step 6: Wait for your Student Pass sticker

You should be able to get your Visa submitted to the Immigration Department and get your student pass sticker attached to it within 2 weeks timeframe.

Opportunities of exploring Malaysia for Foreign Student

During the breaks foreign student can explore the heavily diversified landscape of Malaysia; the modern yet traditional elements found in gorgeous architecture and can also enjoy the local culture and delicious food. Don’t just engage yourself only to study as Malaysia has so much more to offer. Plan an exciting tour with your friends and take a break from your study to freshen your mind.

iKAD For International Students

Malaysian Government has issued iKAD Card, which is essentially a private identity card, to expatriates, foreigners and foreign students during their stay in Peninsular Malaysia in order to reduce some of the hassling they face during their travel in the West Malaysia. iKAD Card allow the holder to travel without facing the frequent inquiring for their travel passport. It must be noted that iKAD is not a replacement for travel documents or other papers. iKAD Card can be use when traveling with West Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur ) but it’s not a replacement for a passport to go outside the country. Besides its may not work well in East Malaysia and remote area as many not be familiar with the card. It is best used as identification proves for daily transaction and other small daily deals.

For foreign students iKAD card contains the following information: Student Photograph, Passport Number, Student Nationality, Educational institution or College/University name where the student is studying and duration of the Student Pass in Malaysia. The iKAD Card may include barcode and thumbprint.

How to get an iKAD?

It’s obvious that having an iKAD is advantageous to foreign students. So it’s always a good idea to get iKAD. Students can apply for iKAD personally as foreign person or through a representative of the student’s written permission to the immigration authorities in Putrajaya as they are responsible for issuing the iKAD Card.

What to do if the card get lost or damaged?

The first thing you need to do if you get your iKAD Card lost or damage is to inform the educational institution you are studying. You will be held responsible for the consequent payment and fine. The following fees will apply in the case that the iKad is lost or damaged:

  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (1st request) – RM150
  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (2nd request for the same student) – RM300
  • For Lost/Damaged iKad (3rd request for the same student) – MYR 500
  • For Lost/Damaged iKad ( 4th and subsequent request for the same student) –MYR 500for each request