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Health and Medical Care - Malaysia

Health and Medical Care

Malaysia is increasing becoming the go to place for people around the world looking for world class healthcare services at a relatively low cost. Malaysia has world class medical facilities with internationally trained well qualified medical professional available around the states. The task of raising Malaysia’s profile as the world’s top destination for medical services is handled by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council also known as MHTC. MHTC is established in 2009 and it’s under the supervision of the Ministry of Health Malaysia. MHTC has a wide range of task from managing the medical industry partnerships and building important public-private partnerships at both home and overseas to overall progress of the Malaysian healthcare travel industry.

MHTC acts as a focal point or a 'one-stop centre' for all matters related to healthcare travel, from assisting health travelers with queries, to simplifying enquiries on rules, policies and programmes on healthcare travel development and promotion, with solutions on matters related to healthcare tourism.MHTC also coordinates marketing activities for Malaysian healthcare providers and related shareholders.

MHTC Partnership Programme

The MHTC Partnership Program recognizes healthcare facilities that provide exemplary service to international patients, where members are screened by stringent criteria in both, healthcare and supporting services for participation in the Program. A certificate of registration with the MHTC is given by the Minister of Health Malaysia and is renewable every two years.

Sunway Medical Centre

The Sunway City the Sunway Medical Centre is entitledas“International Hospital of the Year” by International Medical Travel Journal in both 2016 and 2017. Established in November 1999 and located in Sunway City in Selangor (one of 13 states of Malaysia) on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia Sunway Medical Centre also known as Sun Medis the first hospital in Southeast Asia to obtainapproval from Australian Council on Healthcare standards (ACHS).

Almost half a million including local and internal patients get served annually by SunMed. SunMed have 25 centres–

  • Aesthetic & Laser Centre
  • Behavioural Health Centre
  • Bone & Joint Centre
  • Breast Care Centre
  • Cancer & Radiosurgery Centre
  • Cardiac & Vascular Centre
  • Child Health Services
  • Dental Services
  • Diabetes Care Centre
  • Dietetics & Nutrition Services
  • Digestive Health Centre
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Centre
  • Eye Centre
  • Fertility Centre
  • Foot & Ankle Centre
  • Hand & Microsurgery
  • Neuroscience
  • Nuclear Medicine Centre
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Speech & Hearing Centre
  • Spine Centre
  • Sunway Robotic Surgery Centre
  • Urology Centre
  • Wellness Centre
  • Women's Health Services

Each of these 25 centers is famous for providing excellent services.

SunMed is famous for adopting the latest medical technology to provide the best available medical clinical servicesits patents. It must be mentioned that SunMed is the first hospital in Malaysia to adoptTrueBeamSTx Radiotherapy System and also the first private hospital in Malaysia to install IORT (Intra operative radiotherapy). SunMedhave also installed the latest Da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical system, Gamma Knife for Radiosurgery and SPEC-CT for giving detailedand exact information on function of internal organs.

For International patients SunMed has a dedicated one-top International patient Centre (IPC) which provides a wide range of services from patient appointment, cost estimation, interpreters, and transport support to accommodation arrangement and etc.

Documents needed when need to be admitted at private hospitals:

  • Identity Card or Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Letter of Guarantee/ Health Cards
  • Credit Card / Debit Card

Healthcare Providers - Private Hospitals

Kuala Lumpur

  • Hospital Angkatan Tentera Tuanku Mizan
  • Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras
  • Kuala Lumpur Hospital
  • University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM)
  • University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC)
  • University Malaya Medical Centre


  • Hospital Penawar
  • Pantai Hospital BatuPahat
  • Putra Specialist Hospital (BatuPahat)
  • Puteri Specialist Hospital, Johor Bahru
  • KPJ Specialist Bandar Maharani Muar
  • Regency Specialist Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospital


  • Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani
  • Kedah Medical Centre
  • Putra Medical Centre
  • Metro Specialist Hospital
  • Amanjaya Specialist Hospital


  • Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital
  • Tropicana Medical Centre Penang
  • Penang Adventist Hospital
  • Carl Corrynton Medical Centre
  • Lam WahEe Hospital
  • Pantai Hospital
  • Island Hospital
  • Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre
  • Gleneagles Medical Centre
  • KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital
  • Bagan Specialist Centre


  • Fatimah Hospital
  • Perak Chinese Maternity Hospital
  • Ipoh Specialist Hospital
  • Kinta Medical Centre
  • Pantai Hospital Ipoh
  • Lumut District Hospital
  • Pusat PakarRajindar Singh, TelukIntan
  • Maxwell Maternity & Surgical Centre
  • Apollo Medical Centre
  • Taiping Medical Centre
  • Columbia Asia Medical Centre - Taiping
  • Pantai Hospital Manjung
  • KPJ Centre Manjung


  • Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah
  • Hospital Dungun
  • Hospital Kemaman
  • Hospital Besut
  • Hospital Hulu Terengganu
  • Hospital Setiu


  • Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II
  • Hospital Pasir Mas
  • Hospital Tumpat
  • Hospital Machang
  • Hospital Jeli
  • Hospital Tanah Merah
  • Hospital Gua Musang
  • Hospital Kuala Krai
  • Hospital UniversitiSains Malaysia (HUSM)
  • Hospital Kota Bharu