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Living in Malaysia

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a Programme that grant permission to foreigners to live in Malaysia as long as possible on a multiple entry social visit pass given that foreigners fulfill certain condition asset forth by the Immigration of Malaysia.Social Visit Pass is valid for 10 years initially and is renewable in every 10 years.

MM2H Programme are perfect for people who are interested in living Malaysia for a very long time and don’t want to worry about their short term visa renewals. Participant of this Programme can stay in Malaysia 365 days a year without having to leave the country and can exit and enter Malaysia multiple-times.

Malaysian Government offers many attractive incentives to make MM2H as attractive as possible. Malaysia is great place to led a quality lifestyle as Malaysia possesses a unique and vast natural and cultural features complimented by every modern facilities need for a comfortable lifestyle.

Freedom to Travel

MM2H Programme allows participants to travel multiple times in other countries. Applicants are free to enter and leave Malaysia anytime they want and there is no minimum stay requirement.


Participant of this Programme don’t have to pay any kind of tax on their foreign-sourced income or pension given that those income is remitted to Malaysia. Malaysian Government made this decision and makes the decision effective since 2004 to ease the tax paying concern of the MM2H participants. Participant only have to pay tax to the income they earned within Malaysia

House Purchases

Foreigners are free to purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia given that they obey the rules and minimum rates set for foreigners by different states. Malaysia Government doesn’t interference in certain state matter and land is a state matter which includes this category. So it’s always a good idea to check the state law related to land purchase and the minimum purchase price before making any decision to commitment. Minimum purchase price varies from state to state as there is no standardized price set between states.


In both public and private sector Malaysia has reputation for providing excellent and world class modern education to it’s people. MM2H holders children can study in public or private schools in Malaysia under study permit up to age of 18.

Health care

Malaysia has world class medical facilities with internationally trained well qualified medical professional available around the states. So you don’t need to worry about health service as the compulsory medical insurance will cover part of your medical needs.


Government of Malaysia made it easy for MM2H participants to invest and actively participate in business in Malaysia. The government already made specific rules, policies, guidelines and regulations for MM2H participants on what kind of sectors MM2H holders can invest.

Live in Maid

MM2H participants are permitted to apply for one foreign maid. It must be remembered that in Malaysia there are precise rules and regulation for foreign maid. So applicant must follow the rules and guideline set by Malaysian Immigration Department.

20-hr per week Special Work Permit for Main Applicant (Age 50 & above) If mainMM2H holder’s age is above 50 then he/she are given permission to apply for special work permit. There are clear guidelines to which sectors a MM2H holder can work so be sure to check the guidelines set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia before apply for the special work permit.

Government Support

Malaysia is a former British colony which gain it’s in-dependency On August 31, 1957. Malaysia is highly diversified country as it can be seen in its landscape, people, religion and culture. From the gorgeous towering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to its countryside lustrous tropical beaches, colorful mountains, green tea plantation, dense rain forest, wide range of wild flora and fauna and unique architecture that mixes modernity with local traditional aesthetic Malaysia offers unique opportunities to foreigners to wants to live in this gorgeous and politically stable country which also offers every single modern facilities anyone need to led a comfortable peaceful life.

Malaysian Government is committed to provide the best possible arrangement for foreigners to take advantage of MM2H programme and government is also more than willing to continuously improve the Programme and ensure the Programme remains successful. Foreigners are permitted to own their own any number of residential property in Malaysia, they don’t need to pay any taxes that are remitted from overseas. They also don’t need to worry about inheritance tax as there isn’t any tax apply on foreigners in this regard and there is no property capital gain tax either.

Malaysian Government initiated the MM2H Programme to give quality living to foreigners and the mantra is fundamental to the huge success to MM2H programme as MM2H programme is one of the best Programme in its kind. Malaysian stable political environment, rock steady economic growth, great infrastructure facilities, convenient ground, sea and air transportation, a moderately warm climate throughout the year makes it an ideal country to live in. Malaysian is a diverse racial, cultural, religion, lingual country that is very tolerate to their each other. So foreigners get to enjoy all the facilities a modern country can offer without spending extraordinary amount of money as the living expenses are relatively cheap compared to other modern develop country.