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Putrajaya - Malaysia

Putrajaya - Malaysia

Putrajaya is the federal administrative Centre of Malaysia. Almost all of the Governments administration offices are situated in Putrajaya. Putrajaya is a planned city which prioritizes living harmony with nature. As a planned city with nature in mind greenery and waterscape are often seen beside modern mesmerizing architecture. Each single architecture in the city ranging from buildings, beautiful mosques, colorful bridges, attractive city mall and beautiful homes are constructed with the philosophy that modern architecture should complement the nature and not the other way around it. As a result of this philosophy the city has become a perfect example of how a modern city should look and work.

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Putrajaya is a city with no hassle and bustle with well-connected and efficient transportation system that are perfect for tourist and anyone who is looking to bring up his/her family. It’s a peaceful city ideal for people looking to spend a quiet quality lifestyle and raising children. The city’s unique landscape and modern construction are also perfect place for tourist destination.

Putrajaya Lake

Putrajaya is man-made lake with an area of 650 hectares designed to act like a cooling system for the city. Located at the centre of the city Putrajaya Lake is also a popular destination for recreation, water sports, water transportation and fishing. The gorgeous view of the lake especially at dawn and dust attracts lots of tourist and local resident.

Living in Putrajaya

Being a planned city Putrajaya is an ideal place to live in. Residential area is well planned with broad road and other excellent modern metropolitan facilities. Most homes in Putrajaya are built on modern open concepts without any gate and fence. Some residential area offer more secure and guarded area. If you are someone who prefers even tighter security measure than living in condominiums is your best options. As well as providing excellent secured environment and facilities condominiums provide the best aerial view of gorgeous Putrajaya.

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