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Sri Lanka to Malaysia

Available Malaysian Visa for Sri Lanka

Available Malaysian Visa :

Visa Category: eVisa is available for Tourism, Expatriate and Student.

Malaysian Government offers two types of eVisa.
  • Single Entry Visa (SEV)
  • Multiple-Entry Visa (MEV)

Sri Lanka Nationals are allowed to apply in Single-Entry Visa (SEV).

Single Entry Visa (SEV) provides opportunities to Sri Lankan Nationals for a single journey into Malaysia up to a maximum of 30 days for each visit with no extensions allowed.

The eVISA is for tourism purposes. Student and Expatriate can also apply for eVISA given that their conditions fulfill the eVISA requirement for student and Expatriate.

If the sole purpose of one applicant is to do business in Malaysia It is recommended that applicant should apply for visa at the nearest High Commission, Consulate or Embassy of Malaysia in their respective country.