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China to Malaysia

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eVisa vs eNTRI Comparison for China

Application opportunities:

Only PRC passport holder residing in People’s Republic of China ,Hong Kong and Macau interested in visiting Malaysia for tourism purposes are allowed to apply for eNTRI whereas PRC passport holder Chinese National, Expatriate and Student living in other countries can apply for eVISA given that they fulfill their respective requirement terms.

eVisa and eNTRI Cost:

eNTRI is cost effective compared to eVisa for Chinese nationals.

eVisa and eNTRI Restriction:

Once you got eNTRI note then within 3 months you can't renew (new eNTRI) again for eNTRI Note where eVisa don't have any restriction to renew (new eVisa). as your wish you can renew (new eVisa) your visa as much as you wants.

Allowed stayed time:

eNTRI allowed Chinese nationals to stay in Malaysia up to 15 days whereas eVISA allowed applicant to stay up to 30 days maximum.