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India to Malaysia

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eVisa Indian Nationals

eVISA is available for Indian National who are interested in traveling to Malaysia for Tourism purposes. Indian Expatriate and Student can also apply for eVISA given that their condition fulfills the eVISA requirement for student and Expatriate.

Malaysian government provides a unique opportunity to Indian Nationals who are interested in visiting Malaysia for tourism purposes to get MEV (Multiple-Entry Visa) type Visa. With MEV (Multiple-Entry Visa) type visa Indian National can enter and exit Malaysia multiple times within the stipulated time given that he/she obey the terms and conditions of eVISA. MEV (Multiple-Entry Visa) allows India National to stay up to 30 days within Malaysia with no extension allowed.

An eVISA for Indian Student (for the purposes of study) and Expatriate (for the purpose of employment) is only valid for a single journey to Malaysia for the maximum of 30 days. Upon arrival in Malaysia, they are required to obtain their long term pass.

It is important to remember that eVISA is not extensible.

eVISA is not for business purposes. It is advised that Indian National with only bossiness purpose should apply for business vias at the nearest Embassy of Malaysia in India.